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“When is a tax return or payment considered late?”

A tax return or tax payment must be postmarked on or before the due date to be considered filed or paid.

“What if I can’t file my income tax return by the due date?”

The IRS will grant a properly prepared extension request to file your income taxes. The filing extension does not grant an extension to pay your taxes by the due date. Let Lazaro Zaidspiner Income Tax do your tax preparation. We’ll calculate what you need to pay with your extension to avoid penalties and interest.

“I can’t pay my taxes by the due date. What should I do?”

We recommend paying as much as possible with your tax return or extension to file. You can pay by credit card, but will be charged a convenience fee plus interest at your credit card rate.

“What are my other options to pay?”

If an individual taxpayer has no other tax debts, the IRS may accept an installment agreement if the tax liability is $25,000 or less and will be paid within 5 years. The key is to prepare the installment agreement correctly. Let Lazaro Zaidspiner Income Tax prepare your installment agreement so you don’t have to worry.

“I got an IRS notice; what do I do?”

The worst thing you could do is ignore the notice! Many times the IRS records are not correct. Our firm has the expertise to analyze your situation and guide you on the right course to resolve any tax issue.

“Why was I selected for an IRS audit?”

There are several possible ways you may have been identified for IRS examination. The IRS uses a computer program that assigns a numeric score to every individual income tax return after it is processed. The higher the score, the higher the probability that an IRS examination will result in a change to your tax liability. If the IRS has a “reasonable indication” that there is a likelihood of unreported income based on records that focus on a taxpayer’s standard of living. Claims for a notably large refunds, information matching programs, or inspection of a related party’s tax returns during their examination may trigger an IRS audit for you.

When it comes to getting your taxes done, you want them done right. And you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the service. Lazaro Zaidspiner Income Tax Service is a locally owned and operated tax preparation company that combines expert service in a friendly atmosphere with an honest, straight-forward approach.

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